What are Smile Makeover Options for Busy Adults?

Smile Makeover Peoria, IL

A smile makeover is a collection of dental procedures used to modify a patient's smile to achieve a desired appearance and function. There are many different types of procedures available, and some require a larger time commitment than others. These are some of the treatments adults with busy schedules may want to consider.

Smile makeover options for busy adults

Whether it is an issue that has developed over time or something the patient has been wanting to fix for years but has not gotten around to, many people put off dental work because they do not think they have time for it. Fortunately, there are smile makeover options that can fit into a busy schedule.

Dental crowns

Dental crowns are caps that are permanently placed over the natural tooth to protect it and improve its appearance. Patients who have large fillings, cavities, or worn teeth may want to consider dental crowns. Traditional crowns can be placed in two visits. Some dentists offer same-day crowns that only require one visit.

Teeth bonding

In teeth bonding, a tooth-colored resin is applied to the teeth to conceal minor imperfections, such as gaps, chips, dark stains, or crooked or uneven teeth. The treatment is also sometimes used as an alternative to amalgam fillings or to protect an exposed tooth root. The process takes about 30 to 60 minutes per tooth to complete. 

Gum lift

A gum lift can be used to reshape and lengthen the appearance of short, square teeth. The procedure involves removing excess gum tissue and reshaping the remaining gum to achieve the desired appearance. Nonsurgical dental laser treatments can be performed in one visit. 

Orthodontic treatments

Orthodontic treatments, such as conventional braces or clear aligners, are popular smile makeover choices for people who have misaligned teeth. While these treatments may take weeks or months to work, the time investment in getting the initial procedure done is usually just a few hours. Many adults find clear aligners to be easier to care for and prefer their lower profile appearance to traditional braces. 

Dental implants

Dental implants can be used to replace missing or damaged teeth. While there can be a significant period of healing between initially having the implant placed and getting crowns, bridges, or dentures attached, many patients find the implants to be easier to care for than traditional dentures, which may move around in the mouth and require adhesives to keep in place. 

Dental contouring

Dental contouring involves removing small amounts of tooth enamel to improve the appearance of the shape, surface, or length of the tooth. Contouring may be used for patients who have chipped, cracked, overcrowded, overlapping, or crooked teeth. The procedure is noninvasive and can be completed in as few as 30 minutes.


Many smile makeover treatments take just one or two appointments to complete. With so many options to choose from, busy adults need not put off dental work simply because they lack the time.

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