Smile Makeover Treatments for an Uneven Smile

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An uneven smile or crooked teeth can be both embarrassing and uncomfortable, but thanks to several smile makeover options, the condition can be remedied. No two crooked smiles are the same, leading to the need for customized corrective treatment to improve both appearance and function. Whether the goal is to improve the appearance of the smile or to correct sensitivity, soreness, or discomfort from the malposition of the teeth, choose a makeover treatment that yields natural, long-lasting results.

Influencing factors

An uneven smile may have developed after a trauma or injury occurred, or as the result of genetics. A misaligned jaw can prevent the teeth from growing uniformly, or negative repetitive behaviors like prolonged pacifier use or thumb-sucking could have impacted the evenness of a smile. In addition to self-esteem issues, leaving an uneven smile unresolved could impact dental health, speaking, or chewing.

Cosmetic options

A smile may appear uneven because of lower-face asymmetry or the teeth can be misaligned. Some of the teeth may be discolored, leading to differences in the look of the smile, or teeth could be chipped, cracked, or missing. Defining the uneven nature of the smile depends on which aspect of the teeth is being evaluated, though commonly it refers to alignment or shape. Just as the causes for an uneven smile are varied, so are the treatment options.


Crooked teeth are often addressed through braces. This option uses subtle, consistent force upon the teeth and jaw to shift them into the desired position. Traditionally, metal braces with wires and brackets have been a leading option for realigning the teeth, but clear aligner trays have become popular among adult patients due to their lower visibility. Straightening the teeth through braces can take several months or longer to see results.


Teeth that have been broken or chipped can contribute to a smile appearing crooked or uneven. Porcelain veneers can be an option for a smile makeover to correct these problems. Veneers are thin coverings of porcelain or a composite resin that adheres to the front surface of the teeth to provide a more shaped, uniform look. These are natural-colored coverings that hide damage or a lack of uniformity with the teeth, whether the teeth are worn down or misshapen, or have uneven spaces or gaps between them.


An uneven look of a smile may be due to the discoloration or staining on the teeth. Poor dental hygiene, excessive tobacco use, aging, medications, and genetics can contribute to the coloring of the teeth. A smile with two-toned teeth can be altered with a whitening treatment. A professional whitening treatment can be performed during a dental visit and provides visible results after treatment. The solution used to bleach the teeth actually breaks apart the chemicals that keep stains bonded to the tooth enamel.


There is no need to hide a smile when there are so many options for correcting crooked, discolored, or uneven teeth. Consult a dental professional for the smile makeover options that will help restore a natural, even appearance to your smile.

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