4 Common Dental Emergencies

Dental Emergencies Peoria, IL

Dental emergencies are oral health concerns or traumatic mouth injuries that require immediate dental assistance. While injuries that pose a risk to your long-term health require a trip to the emergency room, dentists who offer emergency treatment can treat most instances of dental trauma and oral health concerns in a prompt manner. 

The most frequent types of dental emergencies

There are various types of dental emergencies. However, the four most common ones are knocked-out teeth, chips and cracks, tooth infections, and lost crowns and fillings. Each has a different level of urgency and is treated by an emergency dentist in a unique way, and understanding each type of common dental emergency is important. 

Knocked-out tooth

A knocked-out tooth is most often the result of an accident, such as suffering a nasty fall. A tooth may also get knocked out during a sports game, while exercising, or during a physical altercation. Regardless of the cause, getting prompt treatment for a knocked-out tooth is essential to reduce the risk of losing the tooth permanently. If a tooth is knocked out, be sure to find and preserve the tooth, keeping it clean (e.g., place it in a clean Ziploc bag or a cup of milk). Quickly contact the emergency dentist, and visit them as soon as possible to have the tooth repositioned and fixed into the socket or replaced if necessary. 

Chips and cracks

Often, dental trauma may not result in a knocked-out tooth, but a tooth may chip or crack, in which case, it is still important to receive prompt treatment. There are several ways that an emergency dentist can treat a chipped, cracked, or broken tooth, including with a dental crown, dental veneer, dental bonding, or tooth filling, depending on the patient’s preference and the severity of the chip or crack. In some instances, a root canal is necessary, particularly if the crack or chip extends toward the root of the tooth.

Tooth infection

A tooth infection is not always a cause for immediate concern, but it is important to schedule a visit within a few days after symptoms develop and seek emergency care if the symptoms worsen. The symptoms of a tooth infection include swollen gums in the area around the tooth, tooth pain, sensitivity, and a headache. If left untreated for too long, a tooth infection could cause tooth loss. 

Lost crown or filling

A lost dental crown or filling may not need immediate attention, but it is important to notify your dentist as soon as possible if one does fall out. Depending on the level of discomfort and other factors, the dentist may recommend coming in for emergency care or provide instructions on how to manage the concern at home until a more convenient visit can be scheduled. 

Call us today if you experience a dental emergency

We encourage you to call us or send us a message if you have a dental emergency that requires prompt care. Our team takes pride in offering exceptional emergency dental treatment, minimizing the discomfort that you experience, and reducing the long-term impact of oral health concerns.

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